I am so excited you are here!

Hi! I'm Kaitlin of KKP Boudoir!

So, my main goal with boudoir photography is all about snapping pics that make you feel drop-dead gorgeous, maybe even for the first time ever!

I'm all about hooking you up with that confidence boost you absolutely deserve. Pumped to have you join the KKP Boudi crew on this journey!

Now, if you're thinking, "I'm kinda nervous. Am I sexy enough? Don't look like those other gram girls," bish, that's totally normal vibes! Honestly, I think it adds some extra spice to the whole experience. Trust me, this is gonna be one of the coolest treats you give yourself—total fun vibes guaranteed! 📸✨

Your Session


Welcome to the hype-filled world of your boudoir session! 🌟 When you roll up, make sure to stick to your designated arrival time. That's when we start

hair and makeup, followed by the main event – your photo sesh!

If you happen to be early, just chill in the car for a bit. I know you're amped, but I procrastinate and Lauren has got to arrive from Indiana. So we need those extra minutes.

Respect your time - f you're running fashionably late, it will cut into your session time—let's avoid that, shall we?

All The Feels

When you step into the studio, get ready for all the feels – but don't worry I'll be there. We are here to have a blast and, most importantly, to let YOU shine. Lauren, our fab hair and makeup artist will kick off our session. We'll hang out like besties and chat about you, the session, hot dogs. etc.

After your hair/makeup time we will go over any outfits you brought yourself OR we will dive into our client closet for lewks. We have the ability to be sweet, spicy and everything in between.

What to Wear?!

Not sure what to wear? No stress! Booking with me gets you a Boudoir Prep Guide, including a Lingerie Guide tailored to YOUR body. Based on your deets, I will even have some pieces prepped for you.

We'll learn more about that in our Lingerie Guide.

There are no rules to what you can wear/ can't wear. I will never yuck your yum and think anything to too "strange" - this session is FOR YOU. I'm here to just help your vision come to life with my little sprinkle of magic attached. But baby - you are the show stopper.

Now, the actual session – where nerves might kick in, and that's TOTALLY NORMAL!

You're stepping into something new, and the unknown can be a bit nerve-wracking. But trust me, every babe before you felt the same way.

By the end, they were sad the party was over!

Once you're all decked out in your first outfit, we'll run through the "guidelines" for posing. I've got you covered every step of the way, from your head to your toes, and even your breathing rhythm. The first five minutes might feel a tad awkward, but I promise, you'll find your groove, and it'll be smooth sailing from there!

That is when the real fun begins 📸✨

Important Deets

Note: Cats do live at this location

While I do have cats - that are not allowed in the studio space. They have been know to hang out with us in the "bedroom set" but if you are highly allergic just let me know.


2008 Carabiner Way

Lou KY 40245

Prepping For Your Shoot

1 Week Before

• Drink plenty of water so that you are hydrated. This will ensure your skin is flawless and will help with bloating.

• Play dress up with your outfits to make sure you are still confident with how you look and feel in them.

• IF YOU WANT TOO avoid bloating - stay away from too much salty foods, fried foods, alcohol

• IF YOU WAX, give yourself five days before your session to avoid red bumps and irritation.


Here are some helpful tips for grooming before your session. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO DO ANYTHING EXTRA. If you like it - I love it. These are only suggestions for people who want them!

Note: I do not do HUGE body modification in the editing process. I will soften skin and clear up blemishes/scratches/bruises

I suggest you DO NOT party the night before. Bags under your eyes are not cute! HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE. Plenty of water will make a world of difference on your skin.

I love when all nails are "done"

We will be doing detail shots and your feet will be in photos. There is just something extra about having a clean set of nails.

Either paint, fake, or just trimmed. But please just don't leave them all flakey

Wash the bottom of your feet before coming over. I know this sounds silly but trust me!

If you aren't a hair person - then don't forget to shave ALL areas that may be seen by the camera. This includes face, arm pits, legs and pubic areas that you would normally groom.

But hey do whatever feels good for you!

Make sure to have your hair fresh before your session, if that is something you prefer. All color situations must be taken care of before the session date. This will not be fixed afterwards during the editing process.

Day of, don't wear any tight fitting clothes. Come without a bra/undies if you can. They will leave an impression on your skin that does not photograph well. Come in loose, cozy things for hair/makeup.

STRETCHHHHHHHHH. Seriously, stretch before and after your session. You are basically doing boudoir yoga and holding poses longer than you would normally hold them. Also you'll be sitting, bending, kneeling and arching. TRUST ME.

EAT and drink something that morning! It's going to feel like a mini workout so you might feel nauseous or dizzy if you don't. It doesn't have to be a huge meal, just something to settle the stomach.


As a skin cancer survivor I will NEVER EVER suggest you use a tanning bed OR lay out. SPF is your friend - and remember to reapply every 90 mins.

But if you do want a glow before your session.


I cannot edit out a bad fake tan or tan lines.

The only local tanning artist we recommend is: www.beautybykatie502.com


Lauren has been our lead artist with KKP going on 5 years!

She is our amazingly talented hair and makeup artist. She is my partner in all things boudoir related. You will hear from Lauren BEFORE your session.

Lauren will reach out to get an idea of your vision for your session. She'll be on hand during the entire session time as well. She works with me to watch for tags, lipstick updates and BTS action. She is literally the best and I'm so glad I get to work with her.

Hair & Makeup

Lauren will be in contact about your hair and makeup expectations so she can create a look that represents you. Reference images is a great way to communicate the look that you're going for. Here are just a couple tips to do before you come:

Come with clean and DRY hair. If you are naturally curly and love your curls, leave them! If you want looser curls, come with it prepped and the stylist will put some sexy/wavy curls for you. It's totally up to you! Again you and Lauren will determine that ahead of your session.

Don't wear any make up to your session. It is best to start with a clean and moisturized face.

IF IMPORTANT TO YOU - Make sure all facial hair is trimmed/removed such as eyebrows, mustache and chin hairs. The artist does not pluck or remove these facial hairs.

Tips are accepted for Lauren - but not mandatory. You can bring cash or Venmo her directly.

During The Shoot

Trust the process. It's all in your hands – show as much or as little as you're comfy with. But here's the scoop: I'm all about nudging you a bit beyond your comfort zone because, honestly, there's no judgment here. Whether you go bold or keep it subtle, it's about capturing images that scream your true beauty.

Picture this: we've got the tunes cranked up, we're giggling together, and we're teaming up on those killer poses. I'll give you a sneak peek of 3-5 "back of the camera" shots to make sure we're vibing creatively. But hold on, after that, the rest is a surprise – you won't see more until your images are all set to dazzle! Trust the ride, it's gonna be epic! 🌟📸


I know this experience can seem odd and you might want to have a familiar person with you - but we cannot allow extra guests to accompany you during your shoot. BUT do not worry - Lauren & l will be there the whole time :)


I know this experience can seem odd and you might want to have a familiar person with you - but we cannot allow extra guests to accompany you during your shoot. BUT do not worry - Lauren & l will be there the whole time :)

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Relax and take a deep breath! It’s okay to feel a little nervous before your session but please don’t worry – you are in good hands!

Be Our Friend!

Still worried because we are strangers? Heck follow us all on Instagram to feel more comfortable!

Kaitlin: @kkpbpudi • Lauren: @ms.d_magee

Final Payment

Before we get started with your session we like to get this part just out of the way. So please feel free to send over your remaining balance anytime between now and your session.

Forms of payment:

  • Venmo: @Kaitlin_Keane
  • Cash App: $kaitlinkeanephoto
  • Apple Pay: 502.552.1251
  • Cash - day of ONLY

After The Session

When your session is complete I will send your digital link for viewing within 30 days. I pride myself on making sure your images look like YOU when it comes to editing. I will remove things that are not permanent on your body and add my artistic flare to your beautiful images. Your images will come via text with a private digital link.

DOWNLOAD YOUR IMAGES! Your link from me does NOT last forever.


Know that you can contact me at any time before and after your session! Texting is the fastest way to get ahold of me but I also check my email often. No question is too silly, so don't be afraid to ask me anything concerning your boudoir experience.

502.552.1251 • hello@kkpboudoir.com

See You Soon! -KK