Hi! I'm Kaitlin, a Louisville based photographer that loves to create.

My overall aesthetic can be described as: bright & colorful with a twist of realness + luxury meets Lisa Frank + sexy meets you. My photography style is a mix of you being a babe and your true self. What that means is I capture things as they unfold naturally, the unposed candids, but I also provide direction + styling help. My main gig is photographer at a PR firm with a photojournalism background but over the last 3 years I have also specialized in empowering portraits. This site is jam packed with content to help you feel more invested in the best experience.

We take pride in being an inclusive safe space. All genders deserve to feel empowered. We believe in body positive values and body neutrality. Being a babe has no gender identity or sexual orientation.


My favorite part of the experience was the team. As soon as I walked in I was surrounded by positivity. It was like walking straight into what you imagine the color yellow to be like. I barely lifted a finger! They had someone to help me pick out lingerie combos, to help me change and button and tie things, they even had a designated hype woman to make me feel confident the entire time!I have never met women more dedicated to empowering others and I am so grateful for them.

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“And we're laughing. We're having a good time”