Hey fabulous soul!

Big shoutout to you for taking the leap and diving into this experience with me! I'm not just about snapping pics; I'm all about unlocking that inner confidence and letting your true beauty shine. Get ready for a ride because, trust me, this process is an absolute blast!

By the time your session wraps up, I want you feeling like a total glam goddess, powerful beyond measure, and tapping into that inner sexy that's always been there. Thanks a million for putting your trust in me for this wild journey. Ready to kick things off? Let the empowerment begin! 🌟💃📸


Choosing the right lingerie can be a bit of a head-scratcher, right? But fear not, I've got your back! There's a treasure trove of online resources catering to ALL body types. First and foremost, I want you rocking outfits that make you feel on top of the world. I've got this growing boudoir closet at your disposal – if it fits, it's yours.

While I'm sneakily adding bits and bobs to the collection, I'm all about you coming in with outfits that truly hug YOUR curves. Quick tip: try 'em on before the session to avoid any last-minute lingerie dramas. More time shooting, less time wrestling with lace – we're all about that!

From an oversized boyfriend tee with your fave undies to the sexy numbers from Victoria's Secret, it's your call. Just be you! Slip into what feels right and screams your style.

Now, I've got a tiny ask – leave the "costumes" and themed outfits at home. Let's keep the focus on YOU, adorned in lingerie that's all about showcasing your fabulous self. And if, by some cosmic chance, you can't find anything, no stress! Show up with a nude/black thong and a few undie options, and I'll have some gems ready for you. Easy peasy, I've got it covered.

Here's a lineup of my go-to places for lingerie magic: Yandy, Fashion Nova, Love Honey, Hips & Curves, Torrid, Forever21, Victoria's Secret, and Shein. Check 'em out for some killer options that celebrate every body type! 🛍️✨

Local Louisville Places To Shop

Torrid and Lane Bryant, Victoria's Secret, Marshall's/Ross/TJMaxx, Cirella's, Underpinnings Lingerie, Sensual Bliss Life.

And honestly don't sleep on Target, Walmart and Meijer.


They are not mandatory! If you have some sexy shoes bring them! The higher the heel the better! You will only be wearing them for a short time - so if you're worried about wearing a heel, don't worry, we won't be walking around much! But really I love a bare foot in the studio.


If you have an outfit that requires stockings, thigh highs and/or garter belts, please remember to bring those as well! Also, please feel free to bring any jewelry or small prop accessories that will best personalize your shoot. We will try to incorporate all personalized items during your session time.


A lot of babes come to their shoot with almost all black lingerie…snooze…bring color!! The more variety the better.

Bra & Panty Sets

I cannot stress enough how important it is to bring this! Even if it's not your favorite - bring something we can work around and maybe be a little playful. Find a set that makes you feel amazing! Make sure to get fitted to find your perfect bra size. Simplicity... is key, I’d rather you outshine your outfit!


There is nothing I love more than a bodysuit on LITERALLY everyone. They hug your curves in all the right places, creating a smooth and sleek silhouette. Whether it's lacy and sheer or a simple, elegant design, bodysuits are incredibly versatile.

Sweaters or something oversized

If we wanna ease into our session - we can always start with a big comfy sweater that flow off the shoulder to give a hint of skin. We can tie them up and play around.

Something of your partners

A white button up shirt, sports team or something special is always a fun personal add for someone else


These can be great accomplices to the bra & panty sets! We happen to have multiple in the client closet

Keep it fun

Have a funny shirt or something that is just SO YOU?! Bring it.


That sexy little black dress you have hiding in your closet or something with lace? Boudoir doesn’t have to be just about the lingerie, it can be about how gorgeous you feel in that little dress of yours that you keep for special occasions.


Don't over look those sexy swimsuits! No one will be able to tell - and who says it's only meant for the water.


Bring me lace, leather, strappy, flowy, studs, glitter! Spice it up! I love trying new things!

Try and surprise me

Nothing is off limits! Even money ;)


I have not forgotten about you. Now I do NOT have items for you to use in my client closet if you are going more masculine look. I'm open to choices and love variety! 

But I'm here to hep with suggestions:

• Underwear different solid colors, be sure to have some solid colors along with patterns

• Jeans - maybe distressed / solid 

• Jacket 

• Suit 

• Button up 

• glasses or hat 

• solid shirts 

• tanks

• and of course grey sweatpants


Have your outfits already?! Show me! I love to see the different pieces you order!

Still unsure what to do? Send me some ideas and I can help point you in a good direction. I am here to help and honestly shopping is one of my favorite things to do.

Scroll the IG - we post 3 times a day! There is always an idea popping up over there! @KKPboudi

502.552.1251 • hello@kkpboudoir.com