I'm Hip - I'm on a podcast

Yup - you read that right, someone asked to hear my thoughts, record them and post them for all to listen on all channels.

I had the amazing opportunity to be the guest on The More Gooder Ideas podcast hosted by Angie Patterson and Jay Smith.

"'The More Gooder Ideas Podcast', where chaos meets creativity and business blooms from bedlam. Join us, a pair of squirrel-brained entrepreneurs, as we navigate the wild world of starting and running a small business. One of us is a t-shirt designer and flea market samurai, the other a digital marketing ninja, and we run our shops in Louisville, KY. Together, we're a cheeky duo who leap from idea to idea, priority to priority, all while successfully running our own businesses."

Angie is part of the amazing duo that is Sandy Pants Customs - where you can also order ALL your KKP Merch! While Jay is owner and Chief Possibility Officer at Root of Pi Digital Marketing.

Jay and Angie spent the morning with me in the KKP Stuido where we talked for over an hour! I had never thought about being on a podcast before. One I didn't think I'd have much to say - let alone have anyone listen. But in true Kaitlin fashion I managed to cry twice and I loved the experience.

You can LISTEN to part one on Spotify or you can WATCH on YouTube.

I'm excited for this next journey and for you to really see the water works in part 2 - stay tuned.