Melise & Dan's Boudoir Experience

1. Why did you decide to do a boudoir session?

I’ve always wanted to do one, but it’s definitely something out of my comfort zone. I’ve been trying to get myself to slowly try new things, and this was one of them!

2. How did you feel about being half-naked in front of the camera?

Definitely weird at first. But I’m a goofball and am never serious in front of the camera, so after a few minutes of being goofy, it was easy. I did the natural face shoot with a friend, so it was comforting having her there. I also did a couples boudoir with my husband and that was even easier to do. Getting to see sneaks on the camera, moments after they are snapped is also “DAMN, thats fire, let’s take more” lol then you never want to leave.

3. What was your favorite part of the experience? What made it special?

My favorite part...that’s hard, because the overall experience is so much fun. I felt like I could be myself the whole time which is a huge plus.

4. How do you feel now that you've completed the session?

I still look at those photos and I’m like “good lord, DAT ASS” haha I’m kidding, kind of. It’s definitely a confidence booster, even months after the session. I’ll come across my picture that KKP posts and creep on the comments left and that’s another confidence booster..makes me want to do it again :)

5. What is something you’d share with others when it comes to being half-naked in front of the camera?

Find an outfit that you love or that accentuates your favorite part or your body, or a dope accessory. I feel like that makes it a little easier. Look at pose ideas on the internet, that help you understand that certain angles look better for the camera. Play music, be goofy, once you get comfortable it doesn’t even seem like you’re half naked!

6. Which was your favorite photo and why?

Oh laaaawwwd. Probably one of the couch photos of my husband and I. Im asserting dominance in the picture, and it looks 🔥. I’m a very shy, passive to see a picture of myself like that is crazy...and my butt looks good 😂

7. Would you recommend KKP Boudoir?

Heeeeellll yeah. Already have actually. Hopefully she reaches out to you!

Makeup: Chloe Brown Makeup Artist