Okay - well that sounds way more exciting than this post really is.

The title "Kaitlin's 3 year old bra photos" really just didn't have the same ring to it.

I decided to post these photos *finally* for two reasons.

First reason is that people tell me all the time "my body isn't where I want it to be" or "I'll only do a session if you can shave 20 lbs off of me"

I totally understand wanting to look and feel your best during your session. But at the same time we want to celebrate THIS time in your life.

When I had these photos taken three years ago I felt AMAZING. Hot, cute, sexy, fresh! You name it - I was feeling myself with those red lips.

But heck had I waited to hit my "goal weight" before taking these - I'd still be waiting because frankly I've been trying to reach my "goal weight" since about the 9th grade.

Do I love the way I look everyday? No.

But do I actively love myself everyday? Yes.

That is what we try so hard to express with our sessions - that loving yourself is the most important aspect. Life is hard - sometimes we just need a reminder that we are sexy AF and if I was back on Tinder I'd totally be swipeable.

The second reason I wanted to post was because we are so fortunate to have so many KKP Boudoir Babes let us share their images. That I felt I was doing you all a disservice by not sharing mine as well.

We take pride in being an inclusive boudoir service. It is one thing for someone to take a photo of your in your underwear - but it is another for them to take a GOOD photo of you in your underwear.

For me seeing people - PEOPLE - not models who look like me - helps so much. Knowing that I'm not alone in my body struggles. Seeing someone else has a weird back roll no matter how hard I try to arch my back.

If you were ever on the fence about doing a session because you felt that you didn't "fit" the look. I'm here to show you there isn't a "look" - you are the look.

And now for more my "nudes"

I really should consider getting new ones taken.... as Jon and myself aren't Cubs fans. Ha