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Digital Get Down by 'NSync really seems to fit since social distancing has started.

Little refresher:

"Digital, digital get down (get down) just you and me

(You may be) Twenty thousand miles away, but I can see ya

And baby, baby you can see me

Digital, digital get down (get down) just what we need

We can get together naturally

(We can) We can get together on the digital screen"

Honestly lyrical gold.

Last week I took the dive into Web Cam Sessions.

If you haven't seen my IG - basically what I'm doing is virtual boudoir sessions via your phone. And then editing them super funky - that is totally un-Kaitlin like of me - and loving life.

At the start of social distancing - I used the phase "Send Nudes - Not Germs"...but what was I doing to help with that!??


Enter. Web Cam Sessions.

These no way can replace what happens during a KKP Boudoir weekend - but it has been a fun creative break to help during the pandemic.

Plus I get to see your beautiful faces and interact with someone that isn't Jon. ha

If you are interested in a web cam session - DM me on IG or shoot me an email.

- Kaitlin

Ps. Peep my session with We Choose The Moon Photography

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