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We're Back!

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Instagram can try to hold us down...but bitch, we're back!

That was way more aggressive than I could ever try to be ha - but @KKPBoudi is alive and ready to become the same safe and comfortable that we created before.

We have been continuing to appeal to save our other page - and frankly I won't stop but in the mean time we needed a space to live with all of our friends.

We've been using the phase: New Year, New Nudes for our January sessions but really - I think that should be the motto for all of 2020 for KKP Boudoir.

I'm all about loving yourself - but this year I'm about loving your BEST self.

• Don't like your job? - Fix it.

• Not happy with your relationship? - Change it.

• Enjoy your friends? - Love them.

• Happy with body? - Fucking embrace it!

Weather it be things you want to change or things you want to embrace don't let the powers of social media and the pressures from others control your 2020. Find the things you love and do them. Figure out the things you don't and kick them to the curb. I have decide that in 2020 - I don't have time for my mind be weighed down by people and situations that do not cheer me on. So if you don't like me or our new instagram - then

- Kaitlin

IG: @KKPboudi

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