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Treat Her Like A Violin

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

We all need love and to be treated just right....if you know what I mean.

Sometimes that love is achieved by a partner and sometimes we ladies need to take care of things ourselves.

With our boudoir sessions - our end goal is that you FEEL AMAZING - empowered - confident - that you are ready to TAKE THE WORLD.

But all I'm doing is taking photos of you - not like PHYSICALLY helping anything. So that's where we bring our new friend Ilana in.

Ilana has been a Pure Romance consultant since April of 2019!

"I love Pure Romance because I’m able to help educate women on how to have the best relationship with themselves and those around them," - Ilana

Her goal with this business is to keep all women safe, happy, and healthy no matter what kind of relationship they’re in.

This is Ilana - isn't she just the cutest. :)

I've hosted and attended my fair share of Pure Romance parties over the years - with our hair master, Chelsea, and hype girl, Chrissy. Because really friends who look at vibrators together - say together.

So when Ilana came to us about a partnership it really felt like the perfect blend.

What da hell is pure romance?

Pure Romance is an in-home party company that specializes in the best of bath, beauty, lingerie, and relationship enhancement products. There mission is to empower women and give them a safe environment to learn about sexual health and wellness while strengthening their relationships and encouraging open communication with themselves and their partners!

So while yes you can purchase you're own dick in a box...


Toys; bath, beauty and cosmetic products; creams, lubricants, and massage oils; lingerie; bedroom accessories; and gifts and jewelry.

"Our Coochy Conditioning Shave Cream is absolutely to DIE for, but I also love our perfumes and lingerie! I use our bath and beauty lines on a daily basis, so it’s really hard to choose a favorite, but if I had to pick, it would probably be our Chafe Escape, which is an anti-chafing cream. #thickthighssavelives" - Ilana

KKP Boudoir + Pure Romance by Ilana

"When I saw KKPs photos for the first time, I immediately thought, “Finally! A photographer who is here to celebrate REAL women!”

I saw so many images of beautiful women who are confident, sexy, and proud of themselves and I recognized similarities in our businesses. You all make women feel good about themselves and that’s the same goal for me and my business!" - Ilana

Really we just want all our KKP babes to have all joys in the world. So if that means helping find the perfect piece of lingerie, getting some CBD oil, needing a space place to be, and now even getting in contact with your vibrator dealer - we want to be your full service stop.

Take My Money

If you're interested COOL - if not also COOL.

Ilana and us just want to offer you all the goodies in the world :) "I’d love to help you set up a fun night in with your girls and celebrate anything from birthdays and bachelorettes to wild Taco Tuesday!" - Ilana

You can find her on Facebook AND Instagram at: @prbyimk

ANDDDDDDDDDD visit her website at www.pureromance.com/ilanamichelle.


If you mention KKP Boudi - you'll get a special discount!

We are so excited for this partnership with Ilana! She is so fun and sassy - that she fits with the KKP Boudi crew perfectly.

We plan on hosting our own events here this year! Plus you'll get to hear from Ilana more on the blog and see what she's got in her box....but really look at all those boxes.

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