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Simply Beautiful • Melise

Sometimes you don’t realize how beautiful you are,” - Melise

Melise, 28, Louisville

Today during my day job I was photographing some corporate headshots.


But a constant trait I found from each of the amazing, strong, successful career women I was photographing was that they hated every minute of being with me.

(Not because of me- because let's be real, I'm great. But because of the camera) The idea of having their photo taken - WITH CLOTHES ON - was so overwhelming and they picked apart at least one part of themselves to me.

Those few extra pounds, those years of wrinkles do not make you any less beautiful. Every inch of your body and every line across your face is a map of the amazing journey you've been on. The struggles you've overcame. The milestones you've set. And the path you have yet to even start. Are we suppose to love ourselves every minute of everyday?

ha. no.

But if you made a pro/con list - I want your pro list to be the longer one. Because you are amazing and someone looks up to you.

I wanted to remind us that it is important to embrace our natural beauty. At the end of the day, under all the make up possible, all we have is ourselves. And while there is NOTHING wrong with enhancing – I think self-love is the strongest thing we can embody.

I’m grateful for these strong women who let me photograph them basically face naked for our Simply Beautiful series to help me share this message.

- Kaitlin

1. What do you love about yourself?

My favorite thing about myself is that I’m goofy and I’m usually down to roll with any dumb – or great – ideas my friends have.

2. What feature on your body to you love?

My eyebrows...100%. I’m very particular, and when I get them done, I go to one place only! I’ve been hurt in my past, so I'm not willing to go through that again. I’m not sure exactly why I love them, but I know I feel fine as hell when I get them done.

3. How are you learning to love yourself?

This is a process and a struggle everyone goes through. I still struggle and do pretty well pointing out the flaws I have and not highlighting the good. When I get complimented physically I still have a hard time accepting those! I’m trying to be better at accepting compliments and accentuating those features more. Like my hair! I used to always straighten it, but now I wear it big and curly -it’s a process, but it makes me, me and I love it!

4. Why did you participate in the natural session?

I never ever ever wear make up. So this was an easy one for me. I don’t have flawless skin and I don’t cover any of it up. I liked the idea of women showing their natural face. It is not very common and sometimes you don’t realize how beautiful you are.

5. What message would you tell 13-year-old you?

This one is really hard... I’m pretty sure whatever I told myself, she wouldn’t have listened 😂. I was a very stubborn kid...still am. I would probably tell myself to explore what you want to do in life and fine something you are passionate about. OH! and also read more.

- Kaitlin

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