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Simply Beautiful • Emma

You're my definition of perfect.

Emma, 30

Let me tell you about my best frannnnnnnnnn :)

Emma and I have been friends since 2002 - we go allll the way back to that awkward stage.

Life has its ups and downs - but one thing that has always remained constant was Emma. I have never once questioned our friendship - now I did questioned our choice in boys back in the day haha

She is beautiful inside and out - and I’m grateful for here and the other strong women who let me photograph them basically face naked for our Simply Beautiful series to help me share this message.

1. What do you love about yourself?

I love my friendly personality and the fact that I love all people no matter their background, religion, sexual preference, ethnicity and more.

2. What feature on your body to you love?

I would say the best part of my body is my eyelashes. Haha! I know that’s super specific, but when I wear mascara, people always ask me if I’m wearing fake lashes. I guess my eyes in general are nice. The color is unique.

3. How are you learning to love yourself?

I’ve been working a lot on countering my negative self-thoughts. For example, when I tell myself that I’m gross for eating that or for not being a certain size, I transition those thoughts to what I DO like about myself. I have also been slowly transitioning to loving myself for who I am, not for what I look like compared to others. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a slow process.

4. Why did you participate in the natural session?

For the process mentioned above! I want others to see that it’s ok to go out of their comfort zone to prove that all humans are beautiful no matter what they look like with or without makeup.

5. What message would you tell 13-year-old you?

DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS, especially celebrities!

- Kaitlin

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