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Simply Beautiful • Chelsea

"Go back. Way back. To that little girl walking around barefoot on the sidewalk in the summer sun. Worry less. Be like her."


THIS IS OUR FINAL babe from the Simply Beautiful series!

I wanted to remind us that it is important to embrace our natural beauty. At the end of the day, under all the make up possible, all we have is ourselves. And while there is NOTHING wrong with enhancing – I think self-love is the strongest thing we can embody.

I’m grateful for these strong women who let me photograph them basically face naked for our Simply Beautiful series to help me share this message.

- Kaitlin

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1. What do you love about yourself?

So many things! But most of all, my curiosity, imagination, and my zest for life. I’m a hard worker who’s accomplished a lot, I surround myself with people who inspire me and make me happy, but at the end of the day, I know that life is what you make it, and I work hard to always see the beauty in it all.

2. What feature on your body to you love?

My calves—I used to be a dancer and years of ballet classes made them STRONG! Knowing that your body is strong and resilient is so empowering. (Runner-up would be my hair. Who doesn’t love a good hair day?! 💁🏼‍♀️)

3. How are you learning to love yourself?

As we get older, there are so many more things to stress out about— our bodies, our budgets, our situations in life—you name it. I’ve had to teach myself that the longer I spend feeling down or stressed, the less time I spend being happy! And that stress will follow me into tomorrow if I let it. Simply stopping in the middle of a feeling, and asking yourself, “how can I save the rest of today?” can translate into so many more hours of the day where I’m happy and free to love myself and my life—everything imperfect about it.

4. Why did you participate in the natural session?

I have friends who are so attached to their makeup, that sometimes they won’t even leave the house without it on. I like makeup, and I think that women should be free to like makeup without criticism. But it’s never a necessity! No one should ever feel like they need to have makeup on to make themselves complete. We’re all beautiful, every day, and the sooner we lean into that, the happier we can be.

5. What message would you tell 13-year-old you?

Do more of what you love! Lean into being nerdy. Read more. Bike more. Join the Model UN team! Play soccer! Do things that make you happy. Because those things will continue to lead you to more things that make you happy later on in life.

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