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Simply Beautiful • Brooke

"You glow differently when you're actually happy"


Another peep at one of our beautiful beauties.

With our Simply Beautiful series - I wanted to remind us that it is important to embrace our natural beauty. At the end of the day, under all the make up possible, all we have is ourselves. And while there is NOTHING wrong with enhancing – I think self-love is the strongest thing we can embody.

I’m grateful for these strong women who let me photograph them basically face naked for our Simply Beautiful series to help me share this message. - Kaitlin

1. What do you love about yourself?

I love that I am light hearted. Being able to laugh even in tough situations helped me with my perspective on life and not taking things too seriously when it isn’t called for.

2. What feature on your body to you love?

I love my shoulders! They make me feel strong and at times look strong. My posture can say a lot about how I’m feeling inside. When I realize that I maybe feeling down, I pull my shoulders back and remind myself confidence is key.

3. How are you learning to love yourself?

Learning to love myself is daily task. It’s never been easy for me just accept this is who I am. I find it more when I allow myself to be challenged and I succeed, I become proud of myself and who I am a whole.

4. Why did you participate in the natural session?

I thought it was a cool idea. I don’t normally like having my picture taken, more of just letting myself be open to the idea and then following through with it. Sometimes people grow when they are not in their comfort zone.

5. What message would you tell 13-year-old you?

I would tell myself that there is nothing to worry about. Go to those middle school dances and actually dance because music is more fun when you dance.

- Kaitlin

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