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Simply Beautiful • Ashley

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Beauty is being comfortable in your own skin.

Ashley, 32, Louisville

Meet my friend Ashley - our friendship and mutual friends would make anyone laugh - but I'm lucky to have found her and that I am able to talk and share life stories to her without judgment.

As a single mom - working hard to expand her career - I'm so proud at who is growing into and finding the beauty that is within her skin.

I’m grateful for these strong women who let me photograph them basically face naked for our Simply Beautiful series to help me share this message.

1. What do you love about yourself?

I love my Sass. I love that I’m able to get a little jazzy sometimes and know it’s because I’ve grown to be who I am today without any regret or fear.

2. What feature on your body to you love?

My Tattoos. They tell a story and represent all the loves in my life.

3. How are you learning to love yourself?

I’m learning to love myself by learning to love the girl I was before. I’ve lost 123 pounds and I have to love that Ashley too because she went through hell and back. She never gave up and even though I’ve lost the weight , I have found so much strength and discipline.

4. Why did you participate in the natural session?

Because while glam is fun, we should all embrace our real skin. It’s the first thing everyone sees and we have to put it out there for everyone to see.

5. What message would you tell 13-year-old you?

Go see your grandmother every chance you get.

- Kaitlin

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