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Send Nudes - Not Germs

It is with a heavy heart I write this message. I was hoping we could stay fun, light and cheeky while promoting our encouraging message of “send nudes – not germs”.

But unfortunately we will cancel our April Boudoir weekend, because we care about you and our team.

There is nothing I hate doing more than canceling such an empowering weekend with sessions that were set for our babes to shine.

But I do not feel safe putting us all in a house together – while then our babes are half-naked.

We are grateful for your support, kindness and understanding during this time. While we still feel that sending nudes – not germs is the best option during this outbreak – we also know it is important to listen to the CDC. We want you to stay home (when possible and able) and be healthy; we can wait.

Our next weekends are scheduled for August 29/30 and November 14/15.

We are beginning to take names for those sessions! CLICK HERE to join the list

To lighten this sad message some – a piece of news we haven’t announced yet.

Jon & I are moving!! No worries - we're still here in Louisville. Our new home will have a space for us to create our own boudoir studio!!!!

This has been a dream of mine since we started this boudoir adventure almost 3 years ago. While I’m not sure if we’ll be fully moved in and ready for business come August, but we are on track!

I’m just so excited to share this news with you all you are part of the KKP Boudoir family.

So while on quarantine other ways you can support us during this time.

• Like our posts, I’m going to keep posting beautiful KKP Boudoir Babes on our IG daily

• Share our posts, when we share you, your friend, a beautiful babe show your friends

• Tag a friend – encourage someone else to book a session with us

• Comment something nice – engagement on posts helps more people see our content

• Post your own photo/selfie/self love post and tag us – we are always encourage being your own WCW

• Shout us out anyway you can/feel is good for your soul. We write a weekly blog every Thursday and we are always on board to collab when possible

Leave a review, we're going to be using this down time to amp up our website and social presence. So hearing from you is important and we love you <3

Until we can get you naked again - we miss you already.

- Kaitlin & Jon

• August & November boudoir dates: https://form.jotform.com/200198932279160

• Leave a review: https://form.jotform.com/200767860703053

• IG: www.Instagram.com/kkpboudi

• Blog: www.kkpboudoir.com/blog

• Ideas for a blog post/content: hello@kaitlinkeanephotography.com

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