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Quarantine Boudoir Weekend

Normally my post today would be about how excited I am to welcoming all our new boudoir babes into the KKP Boudoir Family.

But I'm not. Instead of dwelling and bitching about how much it sucks to have had to cancel boudoir weekend due to rona, I want to thank EVERYONE for doing their part in social distancing and quarantining when necessary.

This isn't an easy time. We were not prepared for the physical and emotional toll this past month would have on ourselves. My friend Amanda worded it beautifully last night as our group text was having a moment.

"...I feel like it’s important [to note], is that we’re all grieving right now. Our routines, seeing loved ones, boudoir weekends. All the things. That is why we feel all over the place. It’s totally okay and what you’re feeling is valid.

You’re not being dramatic. No ones grief is more valid than the other. It’s kinda like when people were saying to our seniors, well at least you’re not going off to war. That would be like telling a mom well at least you have another child even though another has died. Grief isn’t a competition and we’re all experiencing something we have not experienced in our lifetime." - Amanda Reynolds

For me during this time getting little pieces of normacy help. Watching my favorite show on Wednesdays, a treat of diet coke from McDonalds and talking about things I enjoy. The thing I enjoy talking about this week is boudoir.

I have seen comments about how people can't wait to get back to "normal" - but maybe after this mark in history my "normal" will be different. I can't please everyone. No matter how much it hurts my soul, heart and feelings when someone doesn't like me or I can't make something work.

Not everyone has agreed with some choices I have made with KKP Boudoir - but I decided this past year to cancel all toxic vibes from my life. With everything that has happened in the world this 2020 - I am reminded how important that is. I'm doing the best for me and I'm sorry if you don't agree. I wish nothing but the best for everyone - even people who don't like me - because at the end of the day I want everyone to be happy, healthy and loved.

I could sit here and type about all the things I love about KKP Boudoir and the weekend but instead I wanted you to hear it from the team.

Once we can be within 6-feet of each other - can't wait to see all my friends again and make more.

- Kaitlin

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