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Love Thy Curves

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Being a creative means I love all forms of art - from paintings and sculpture to photography and graphic design.

Being a boudoir photographer means I love alllllllll forms of the body.

Thin bods, thick bods, athletic bods, average bods, mom bods, uncomfortable bods, confident bods, bods on a journey and frankly just bods trying to make it through the holidays.

So when I found @kylerockart on IG - I feel in love with the way he blended his passion for curvy woman with his art 😍😍


Love Thy Curves

You need to start at the beginning for these kind of things, right?

Let’s flash back to the mid 90's.

*picture being inside a target today or any high school with the fashion trends*

We'll say it starts there because it was then that I stole, not my Father’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine, but my Mother’s Lane Bryant lingerie catalog.

To say that I was embarrassed by that is an understatement.

But I wasn't embarrassed because I stole the magazine - I was quite happy with that choice. I knew that my admiration for these beautiful, curvy women was not the norm, and in those formative years, I was scared of being made fun of for my tastes.

I did what most teenagers do, I hid my true feelings until I met people that I could trust - Enter, my wife.

Before I started dating my wife, we had a few years of "knowing" each other.

We went to the same church, had a class together, but I don't think five words passed between us in those four years.

However, when we shared a class in high school, the walls of bumbling teenage anxiety came down and we became best friends.

(Yes, we're high school sweethearts and still married)

Sharing with her became second nature, and my feelings for curvy women came out with it. This was important as my wife felt the pressure of being a curvier woman then, and now.

Starting around this time I not only fell in love with my wife, but with creation.

I caught the theatre bug and was on stage every second I could be. Let's just say, one thing led to another, and two college degrees in acting later, I'm an adult and craving creation daily.

By this point in my life, I was pretty open about my appreciation for plus size women, and my belief that they should have more of a presence in theatre, art and just every day living.

However, it was a struggle to draw them unless I had a "reason" for it. That old nagging social anxiety back again, keeping me from what I wanted to do.

I was afraid to draw pinups - let alone plus size pinups. I was worried that another male drawing scantily clad women was going to bring down the internet.

After seeing a close friend share a series of amazing pinups I told her how much I wished she'd draw more plus size pinups.

Frankly she said to me, "Why don't you?"

When I opened up about my worries she shot them down.

“A person who cares about it and has a passion for it, will make it into better art. You need to do it."

She insisted. So I did. I drew my first plus size pinup. If I recall correctly, it was Tinkerbell inspired, and in retrospect, it wasn't very good, but I was very happy with it. And that’s when the passion about my own art really started to burn.

Four years later, and it is still evolving.

To be honest, I thought my art was only going to be liked by men who also appreciated plus size women.

But to my surprise I started getting more support from other women!

Which is one reason I keep crafting my art. Women tell me how happy it makes them to see a piece of art that makes them feel beautiful and powerful. They feel valued when they see a body like theirs in my work.

It makes me glow when I hear this. Honestly, I grin from ear to ear and am so tickled that people are enjoying what I have put on paper.

That, so far, has been my biggest takeaway. In drawing what I love, and what I’m passionate about, it has turned into something more rewarding than I could have imagined.

That feeling is owed to people letting me know how my drawings make them feel. There’s always room for improvement, and I plan on continuing to grow as an artist, but I’m happy I’ve begun to reach people that wanted to see what I can offer.

- Steven

You can find Steven on IG at: @kylerockart

Staring November 1 he will he taking new commission work.

Steven is soooooo easy and fun to collaborate with! These digital pieces make for a fun personal piece of art. Peep a couple you might recognize in his work ❤️

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