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Good Times & Tan Lines

Who else is ready to get their hair, nails, makeup, eye lashes, tan and all other necessary things - so I don't look like a troll anymore - done?

Yeah - yeah - yeah- the natural me is great. But also not having my roots down to my ears is also great.

Our friend Jayme the owner of Glow to Go 502 is on the blog today telling us about what changes are going to be taking place so that we can all get our spray tans on.

I am a huge advocate for spray tans after my skin cancer situation. Which you can read about here!

Peep my scar - this is my arm after surgery 6 months ago.

yea..... my arm modeling career is on hold. I've been able to hide it pretty well since December - aka long sleeves. But the warmer it continues to get the more she is out. Summer post skin cancer is already a new challenge. But that is probably a blog for another day.

But spray tans and boudoir can be scary combo. A lot of photographers don't recommend them. Because they can be too orange, they can run down your skin or even leave a residue behind.

Frankly - you are going to do whatever makes you feel GREAT before a session- and no matter what I say won't stop you.

So what I can do is recommend THE BEST spray tan in Louisville - which is Glow to Go 502.

Because I can't fix it after the fact - if you get a bad one from some where else.

Jayme is Louisville's Premier Perfect Glow Sunless artist offering only professional organic based, vegan, paraben and cruelty free solutions for her clients.

Here are photos of meeeeee after a tan session with Jayme. I felt beautiful and just that added glow boosted my confidence.

We have had over a dozen KKP Boudoir Babes spray with Glow to Go 502 and the photos after have been nothing but amazing.

Anyway - that is my two cents on spray tans.

Ima leave it to the professional :)

- Kaitlin

Glow to Go 502 • Covid-19 Salon Changes

As we start to all transition back into our “new normal” after seven long pale weeks in quarantine we will be returning with a few changes.

Unfortunately, I will not be doing mobile spray tan appointments until further notice.

I know - I’m sad about it too guys.

Ya’ll know I love meeting your two and four legged kiddos.

However, inside my spray room at Southern Comforts Salon I have a custom built extraction unit that is equipped with industrial extraction fans to provide top notch ventilation for myself and my clients. I’ll still be wearing a mask during your appointment, but if you wish to wear one until we spray your face you are able to do so.

Prior to Covid-19, all of my clients received their own disposable bra and panty, hair net and floor protection for sanitation reasons. All of the supplies I used during appointments to contour and customize tans were disposable. Make up brushes were only used on ONE client before being cleaned and disinfected properly. I will continue to provide these vital sanitation practices for every client as we start seeing clients again on May 25, 2020.

Here are the main changes to expect when you arrive to your appointment:

1. We’re not going to use our newly renovated waiting room for a while due to social distancing. So simply send me a text or call the salon - to let us know you’re here so I can greet you at the door.

2. I will be disinfecting doorknobs and additional surface areas in the spray room now between each client - so please be patient as we all adapt to a new system.

3. There will be no guests during appointments. Even children, until further notice.

Note that wearing a mask after we spray tan your face WILL NOT ruin your tan!

Feel free to wear yours in and out of the salon.

As always send me an email if you have any further questions regarding your appointment. glowtogo502@gmail.com - Jayme

Follow Glow to Go 502 via their website, FB, IG or email glowtogo502@gmail.com

Web Cam Session

Jayme also did a web cam session with me and can we just take a minute to see how DAMN HOT she is!

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