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We have had a rough Monday over here at KKP.

Found out our instagram @kkpboudoir was disabled this morning. We had no warning or any other previous reports on our account.

We have filed appeals and chatted with Facebook but we are just playing the waiting game now.

It’s a shame that our account and community got disrupted. While our followers were not huge - our engagement and message was strong.

We encourage all sizes, shapes, ages, genders and race that you are beautiful, worthy and confident.

I love taking photos of boobs and butts but the real magic is in the confidence that is brought back into the people we shoot with KKP Boudoir.

I understand there are rules in place for a reason. But I hate that our content of empowerment and the deeper meaning of it all gets overlooked.

Also would like to say I feel our content is pretty PG-13 in comparison to some other things out here. But that’s another story.

The movement we have started with KKP Boudoir is much more than an instagram but it is so disheartening that the platform we are using to raise women up is doing the opposite and bringing us down by telling us we are against someones “standards” and “rules”.

That it’s not okay to love and show off ours bodies in a way that makes us feel proud.

Needless to say we've been stressed with the holidays and January sessions around the corner. We will fight to bring our account back - so don’t worry, you haven’t been blocked.

We are still here and honestly more feisty than ever. And frankly if we don’t come back- my ass will just make a new account 🙃

To everyone helping with the #freeKKPBOUDOIR movement. Your words and actions mean everything to us.

- Kaitlin & Jon

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