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Don't Be Nasty

Welp. We are still bored in the house - in the house bored.

While sure the state is slowly opening back up AND if I really felt the need to possibly infect others I could travel to Indiana where much more is open - but I'm still home. Where I feel is smart to be. I'm home all day dreaming of when we can have boudoir shoots in person again. I've been thinking how the process of KKP Boudoir is going to have to change over the next couple of months. And frankly the thoughts are overwhelming.⁠

The times we are in now are uncertain and scary. Not that I live in fear - but this virus is still so unknown.⁠

While I'm looking forward to seeing clients and having the best empowering weekends ever come August - the realization that I might need to do it while wearing a face mask still sucks.⁠

But bitching about it won't help - so the team is planning and doing what is best - that we can see your peaches in August 🍑⁠

So in the mean time our friend Ashley- who you've seen on the gram - is here to help inform us about make up hygiene. Things we should be aware of - especially now more than ever.

Peep this gorgeous babe!

Ashley has been doing makeup since 2013. Having been previously employed at Sephora, Ulta and Bare Minerals she trained and worked along side many of Louisville’s most respected and sought after makeup artists.

She also gained one-on-one training with reps from brands such as Lancome, Urban Decay and Bare Minerals.

Also having worked full time in healthcare for 10+ years, I can also guarantee you her knowledge and professionalism is top notch - along with her sanitary techniques and cleanliness. You will never have to worry about infection control as she uses professional products to clean everything.

- Kaitlin

Don't Be Nasty

Hope everyone is staying safe - even more so now that the state is slowly starting to reopen. We are all seeing changes with cleanliness and sanitation now just about everywhere we go; the grocery, the bank, even hospitals are doing things different to keep you germ free! But have you ever paid attention to hygiene when getting your makeup done?!

Many don’t know PROPER hygiene when it comes to having your makeup done! So, wether it's me doing your make up or someone else - here are some things to look 👀 for and make sure your MUA is doing when your they are applying makeup to your face!


Goes without saying! It’s essential that hands are washed before and after each client!


If their kit is a mess, dirty or just overall not looking good, chances are they’re not going to practice good hygiene. Make sure their basic equipment is clean and orderly.


If your MUA blows on their brushes to get the excess product off, kindly walk out the door. They just blew their germs all over that product and brush and plan to touch your face with it. Ew.


We all have them. We all love them. But - they are a HARBOR for bacteria. (Yes even after you wash it). If your MUA is using a BB, that isn’t straight out of the package - refuse it. And ask they kindly use a brush or their fingers. Sponges should be single use and disposed of between each client!


We don’t double dip in the queso, so your MUA should not be double dipping your mascara wand. Single use, disposable wands are ideal. One for each eye is what I practice! Get enough mascara on the wand, apply, then toss. If it needs more, I use a new wand!


If your MUA is using a pencil liner, make sure they sharpen it in front of you. This way you know any previous use has been removed by being sharpened. Twist up liners should be sprayed with alcohol before use.


Easy enough- avoid it to prevent any possible allergic reactions!


Respect the shelf life of the product- if the product smells weird or looks weird- don’t use it!


When your MUA is using lip sticks , make sure they using a disposable wand or clean brush to apply your lip color. If they apply directly from the lipstick bullet, make sure they’re sanitizing with alcohol before!


If your MUA doesn’t clean the top layer of pressed powder with a tissue or dump loose powder into a new container to avoid the double dip as we previously mentioned - then they are doing it wrong!!!

And as always , make sure your MUA cares enough about you to ask if you have any allergies or issues with dyes/ fragrances before you get started, and even better before you book with them. Xo 💋 Ashley

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