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Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Oh hiiiiiiiii! It's that time again for us to help you explore alllllll parts of your sexual life. First we told you about CBD lube, then we moved onto ordering vibrators - now we are seeing how crystals can help awaken your sexual chakra.

Meet our new friend Dana, owner of Our Mother’s Crystals: @ourmotherscrystals

I found Dana on IG and reached out to just learn more information - and Dana DID NOT DISAPPOINT!

I just loved the vibe and information she was putting out on her own channel that I wanted to share and learn more about crystals and how this other realm relates to sex and personal empowerment.

AND BONUS she is located in Louisville and is awesome.

- Kaitlin

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend...

Oh the immortal words of the illustrious Marilyn Monroe.

While this is not entirely false, there are many other options in the fine gem, mineral and crystal realm that can be your BFF.

Did you realize that your favorite amethyst necklace you put on everyday actually provides you with aid in physical ailments, emotional dysfunction and works as an armor of protection against a multitude of negative energies?

Or that the aquamarine ring you just had to have called for you to wear it because it knew you needed calmness in your life?

Yes.  I said it.  It called for you because it desires to work for you and with you!

Crystals talk to us just as we converse with each other, it’s just on a different plane, using energy.

Have I lost you yet?! If you’ve gotten this far congratulations! Stick with me, I promise it will all make sense and hopefully you’ll be enlightened to start working with Mother Nature’s mineral beauties.

You can call me crazy, hippie-dippy, woo-woo (trust me I’ve been called much worse, and I actually wear all those verbs proudly) just don’t call me completely wrong on this subject. 😉

I have witnessed the healing power of crystals on others and I have experienced their multitude of benefits myself.  To keep this magical fairytale of a life story short, my journey with crystals started a year ago with being unhappy in my life and needing to find my purpose.  I went to several healers and all of them had one thing in common, they used crystals!

Some shiny, some sparkly, some rough and raw like they were just dug out of the Earth and I was completely fascinated by all of them!

I found myself drawn to certain types and after much research and mentoring I began to start a crystal and mineral specimen collection of my own.

I was warned to be careful, that crystals were addicting….and I thought those people were the “crazy ones”.

Turns out they couldn’t have been more spot on.

I am now the proud Momma of over 100 crystals of all shapes, colors, sizes and that continues to grow.  I love them all and use them all when called to do so.

The energy in my home is welcoming and calming and it’s because of their beautiful energy.  I use them daily to help with intuition, my Reiki practice (we’ll save that story for another time loves), when I’m feeling stressed, have anxiety, need to sleep better or just need some love in my life.  They never let me down.

Talk To ME

Crystals can help all of us in some way.  All you must do is ask!  Once you do, they will start showing up for you in so many glorious ways.  And please note, when shopping for a new crystal baby, they will ALWAYS choose you.

You do not choose them.  You will simply be drawn to one out of many, and that’s the crystal whose energy and frequency you need the most.  It’s the most magical type of union that can be made!

Energies connecting to help heal emotional traumas, physical problems, or hell…let’s be honest, to just sit there and look pretty.  Yes, they are great for that purpose too! Coming home to a room full of gorgeous sparkly babies can truly change your entire being after a rough day in society.

Keeping an open mind, let’s now discuss the magic of Mother Nature’s candy and how it can relate to YOU!

Let’s just get real for a second here. We are all badass Goddesses prancing around with divine feminine luster dripping from our souls.

But FUCK, this world we live in can drain us to our core.

Drain us of all this beauty. Our will, our desires, our self-worth stolen from us or our self-love completely gone because we don’t live up to societal pressures and standards.  If you suffer from body issues, loving yourself, not going for that promotion because feel you are not deserving of it or if you are feeling less passionate in the bedroom, you need to regain you feminine sexuality!  There is a crystal lovingly made by the ultimate Mother to help aid you in these areas.

Without diving too far into detail about our energy centers in our body and how they can get blocked or need some healing, let’s get into the juicy details on which crystals to use for love, power, sexuality and all things feminine to live a more enlightened life!

To create self-love and self-worth it is important to use crystals that invoke loving vibes and help to open and heal the heart chakra (an energy center in the body).

I highly recommend:

1. Rose Quartz

To me, this is the Mother of all heart centered crystals.  It will aid in imbalances in the heart zone.  Calms your emotions and promotes peace. Helps to heal to a broken heart, call in love in any type of relationship, the list goes on and on with the healing properties of this wonderful crystal!

2. Green Aventurine

A beautiful semi-precious stone which will soothe your emotions and protect your heart from further assault from your yourself and others.

3. Unakite

Invokes the frequency of love and balances the emotions felt in the heart.

To become more empowered and follow through on being a total superwoman, one must get the solar plexus chakra (another energy center in the body) working correctly.

Here’s what I love working with:

1. Citrine

One of my all-time favorite crystals for moving forward and manifesting all you desire.  It will entice you to start imagining your goals in life and then pursuing them with no fear

2. Golden/Honeycomb Calcite

This will help you to be a leader in your life.  For your family, at your job and for yourself.  A true confidence boosting crystal you can overcome seemingly disastrous obstacles with grace and ease

3. Pyrite

Though it’s referred to as “fool’s gold” don’t let this powerful stone fool you!  It’s full of positive energy and will help you focus with precise clarity

SEXY TIME!!!!!  Yes, crystals can be sexy too.  When we fully open our sacral chakra (yet another energy center in the body) true bliss can occur!

1. Orange Calcite

To energize your sexual organs.  Get the positive energy moving and awaken your sexuality.  I’m talking warm fuzzies all up in your area!  Also use this creative stone to spark some fun in the bedroom!  Your partner will thank you for your…newfound creative releases! 😏

Just remember, for external use only.

2. Peach Selenite

Include this to accept yourself just the way you are.  Self-acceptance inherently equals no inhibitions when comes to a romp in the sheets and peach selenite will encourage you to be the beautiful undercover freak you already know you are!

3. Tiger’s Eye

Rawr Baby!!!  Use this intriguing looking stone to energize you.  Wonderful for your sex drive, tiger’s eye will give you the courage to last and last and last and well...you get it.

This is truly just an overview of what crystals can do for you spiritually, physically and emotionally.  But truth be told there is so much more power to these scrumptious bits of nature that you yourself can harness.

Carry them in your pocket with you to work to keep you calm and focused.

Lay one under your pillow at night or on your nightstand for a wonderful night’s sleep.

Use the small, smooth, polished tumble version of crystals and stuff them in your bra and keep their powers close to your body and heart.  

That’s right!  If you need to, “Calm your tits Susan!” there is a crystal for that.

So, dress up your lady bits with some of natural bling and put a whole new spin on the term glitter tits!

- Dana Sedoris, Owner of Our Mother’s Crystals

“Crystals are just sprinkles from Spirit. Sprinkle your life with crystals”

To dive into the depths of the crystal world follow Dana on IG: @hippiekygirl

Follow Our Mother’s Crystals on IG & FB @ourmotherscrystals for the crystal hook up 💎

Our Mother’s Crystals are also very conscious about Mother Earth.  They have partnered with One Tree Planted to plant one tree with every purchase.

Have an idea? We want to hear from you!

Email: hello@kaitlinkeanephotography.com

Or reach out on IG: @kkpboudi

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