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United States of Nadia • Chapter One

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Welcome babes! Hope you are staying home and being healthy.

Boy do we have a treat starting for you all!

So one of our lovely KKP Boudi supports reached out about wanting to write for the blog. I'm alllllll about making this space welcoming and open! I want to put stuff you want to read - otherwise I'm just typing for myself.

She wanted to get a little more creative and start a fiction story blog.

Essentially every 2 weeks we will post the next chapter of the story!

This is the perfect time to roll out the series - as we are ALL listening to Governor Andy Beshear and staying home.

So get ready for this wild ride!

- Kaitlin

United States of Nadia

Chapter One: Number 35

"You´ve got to be fucking kidding me." Gia stares at her phone with disgust. "Another fuckboy just DMed me on Insta. Look!"

She shoves her phone in my face, exposing a picture of a gorgeous tattooed man. Gia always acts grossed-out, but I know that she is secretly amused and flattered by the amount of dicks who slide into her...uh...DMs. I've known Giavanna since we were in Girl Scouts, so we basically learned how to pitch a tent, insert a tampon, and sell cookies together (three skills you definitely need to know now at our age if the tent is a man's pants, the tampon is a vibrator, and the cookies...well, that just taught us how to navigate the current marketing company we own).

I think the only reason Gia and I don't get sick of one another is the fact that I travel so much for work. I can't sit still, and she is a homebody, so it works out perfectly. I like to take our business to other states, but she is perfectly content staying in our Chicago-based office.

"Where to now?" she asks as I struggle with my luggage across the carpet.

"Miam-No, Charlo- Uhh...Hold." I fumble around in my purse for my planner. Despite the digital age we live in, I have always relied on my trusty paper planner. There's just something about doing things "old school" that make me feel nostalgic for the simpler times. Thumbing to May, I find that I am indeed on my way to, "Savannah. Savannah, Georgia."

"Well, I'll be." Gia puts on her worst southern accent possible. "I do declare that there are some sweeter-than-tea gentleman fixin' to sweep you up off your big ol' Georgia pea-"

"Enough!" I shout, as I wave goodbye, blow a kiss, and slam our townhouse door behind me. I giggle when I hear her say, "Bless her heart" through the door.

Luckily the flight wasn't long, so I don't have to do much freshening up before I head down to the hotel bar for a couple drinks to take off the nervous edge I've built up worrying about this client.

Every time I've emailed with him (or her...you never know with the name Devin), I've been so intimidated by the formal tone of his or her messages back. And despite Gia's persistence, I didn't "creep" on him/her because I prefer to avoid prejudging clients before I meet them, especially if it means I'm prejudging them based on their gender. Seeing how Devin just fired his/her most current marketing director for a simple grammatical error on a brochure doesn't help my anxiety about meeting him/her tonight.

I have on a simple black dress and my one pair of expensive heels. My hair is tousled and down after being up in a clip for the plane ride, and I have mauve lipstick on (my go-to look for meeting new clients).

"Dirty martini, please," I tell the bartender. A classy drink for a potentially classy client.

"I'll have the same," a tall man with dark features says as he sits down beside me at the bar.

"Nervous about something?"

"What?" I glance at him from the corner of my eye.

"You're tapping your heel and tracing the words on the menu with your finger."

"I what?" I notice the tapping and tracing and stop suddenly. "Oh...yeah. I guess you could say I'm a bit nervous. I'm about to meet a potential new client and I'm not quite sure how to read the tone in his...uh...or her emails. He or she seems a bit stuck-up if you ask me. I mean, I'm professional and all, but I'm still human."

The man laughs and takes a sip of his martini. He sips with such elegance compared to my huge gulps. "I totally understand that, but don't be nervous. You look great and I'm a good judge of character, by the way. That's why I asked you to come down here to help me with turning my business around."

I nearly spit out my drink. "You're..." Oh, shit. I blew it.

"Devin. Nice to meet you, Miss Nadia Bishop. Or is it Misses?"

"It's definitely miss." I catch myself blushing. Is he hitting on me? "I'm so sorry, Mr. Wellington. I thought we were meeting in the lobby at 7, so I thought I'd-"

Devin laughs, revealing two large dimples in his tanned cheeks. "I, too, was nervous, but maybe for different reasons."


"After the last marketing director butchered our annual gala flyer-" Damn it, Gia. I thought you said she was fired for a minor error. "-I've been very particular in who I want to interview in person. Maybe that's why I sounded so stuck-up in my emails."

I blush and say, "I really am so sorry about that remark. Should I just go ahead and go back to Chicago now?" I hop off the bar stool. "I know I pretty much just blew it."

"No." Devin touches my arm and I feel a tingle creep up my inner thighs. "Stay. We're both nervous and a couple drinks might help us out with this interview. We could just talk right here. Bartender! Another round, please!"

Four drinks and some great marketing conversation later, I pause to reflect on what is happening. I haven't laughed this hard since Gia fell down the stairs trying to twerk on the landing. Devin has a way with words, and he's not nearly as formal in person.

"You seem too young to own your own company, Nadia." Devin states as if to secretly ask my age.

"Are you suggesting I don't work hard, Mr. Wellington?" I say in a joking tone. "Because I definitely do. I may only be 28, but I've worked extremely hard to start my own business with my friend, thank you very much." He turns to face me, amused at my quick retort.

"Twenty-eight, huh? Older than I thought. I was starting to get worried, since I'm, well, six years older than you. I'm very impressed, Nadia. Uh...I mean about your resume, not your age, but I guess your age is nice, too...I should just stop talking now."

"No! It's okay, Mr. Wellington. I... like...talking to you. This has been very nice. When can I start?"

"Beautiful AND confident." He looks into my eyes for what feels like an eternity. Damn, those green eyes. And those lips.

"And quit calling me Mr. Wellington. That's my father. Please. Call me Devin."

"When can I start, Devin?"

"We can dive in tonight if you have any time. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little tipsy and shouldn't drive yet. There's a meeting room on the second floor."

"Let me grab my bag. I'll meet you there in 15 minutes?"

"Sounds great, Nadia." God. When he says my name with his slightly southern accent, I feel that tingle again, but now in my pelvis.

After taking five minutes to touch up my makeup and hair, I switch to my red lace thong, spritz myself with perfume, and make my way down to the second floor. I quickly chew up a mint before entering the meeting room.

"Come, Nadia." Gladly. "Let's take a look at your ideas. I know they'll be exactly what I need."

My ideas or me? I smirk and slowly approach the large conference table.

"Mmm. Is that Dior perfume you're wearing? One of my favorites." Jackpot.

"Actually, yes. Thank you for noticing." I sit down across from Devin, but he quickly comes to my side of the table and sits right next to me.

"So, I was thinking," I open my laptop and it's already on my notes for his company, "that we could look at these samples and go from there. Do you like what you see?"

Devin scoots closer and whispers, "I really like what I see." Mmm. There go those shock-waves again. Fuck professionalism.

"Oh, yeah? What do you like?" I may be tipsy, but I am very aware of how sexy this man is.

"Well, let's start with your hair." He starts towards me but pauses to get permission.

I inch closer to approve his request. He twirls a strand of my caramel-blonde hair and pulls down so his finger grazes my breast through my dress. I start to breathe heavily.

"And your eyes." He uses the same hand to cup my face, sticks his fingers into my hair, and strokes my cheek with his thumb. Again, I inch closer.

"Yeah? What else?" I ask, as I place my hand on his thigh.

"I like how you're making me hard right now without even really trying." I glance down and see a large bulge in his khaki dress pants. Damn! As Gia would say, that is one super-sized dick!

I slowly glide my hand up his thigh to excite him even more. My body heats up as he breathes deeper. With his hand still on my face, he leans in to kiss me. I thrust myself towards him and fully engage in our steamy kiss. I can still taste the vodka on his breath, and it's mixed with mint. Thank God I ate one before this "meeting". Now both of his hands grab my hair as he pulls me up onto his lap. My dress slides up, almost revealing my thong, while I straddle and kiss this gorgeous man. He slowly moves his hands down the curves of my waist, onto my thighs, and up and under my dress. Devin cups my ass as I squeeze tightly onto his hair.

"Holy shit," he whispers as I start moving back and forth on his firm bulge.

"The table."

"What?" I ask, confused.

"The table. Let's go."

He picks me up, hands still on my ass, and sets me down on the table. He pulls my dress up over my head and I fumble with his belt buckle. He unbuttons his light blue shirt and begins to peel it off his toned core and arms. I grab on to his biceps tightly as he bends down to kiss my inner thighs. His tongue slowly grazes up my right thigh and I quiver in anticipation. He pulls my thong to the side. I'm already wet from grinding on him, but when his tongue hits my clit, I moan and moisten even more. He buries his head between my legs and continues to flick my clitoris with his tongue. I throw my head back in pleasure and I hear him giggle.

"What is it?" I ask.

"You're just so adorable. I want you to come for me." Challenge accepted.

"I want you to do the same for me." I say with a sly grin.

He continues and when I'm about to come, I pull him up to my breasts and he undoes the clasps on the back of my red bra. He tosses it to the side and my nipples harden. Without hesitation, he takes one nipple in his mouth and moves his tongue around in circles, sucking spontaneously, keeping me on my toes. Devin gently guides me so I'm on my back and he climbs on the table to join me. Clad only his boxers now, I delicately place my thumbs into the top of them and start to pull them down. On my way down, I purposefully pause to slowly caress his arousal. I feel it throb and I can't wait to feel it inside me.

"Are you ready?" he asks. No shit, Sherlock.

"Yes. Please." I beg.

Pulling my thong back to the side, he hovers over me and kisses me twice more before slowly inserting the tip inside of me. The bulge didn't lie; he's huge and it's a good thing I'm so wet, otherwise I don't think he'd fit. I gasp and he asks, "Are you okay?" I nod and his hard dick continues inside of me slowly.

"Oh god, you feel so good," Devin calls out, building his speed.

"Oh, yes!" I scream, but I cover my mouth to avoid bringing too much attention to our "meeting" room. I grab his shoulder muscles and pull him in to me faster and faster. He kisses me hard while his dick massages my G-spot. With each thrust, I get closer and closer to orgasm.

"Get on your hands and knees," he commands.

"I'm so close..." I flip over to doggy-style and he kneels behind me. My back arches, and my ass sticks up high so he can slide back in.

"Ohhhh!" This time I don’t cover my mouth.

"Shhh, Nadia. We wouldn't want to wake the whole floor above us."

"I don't care. Fuck me, Devin. Now!"

He reaches around to rub my clit as he continues to rhythmically push his cock in and out of me. My body starts to tense up and I'm about to come. Just a few more seconds. Any second now.

"Yes! Yes!" My vagina pulsates around him. We both moan, I feel a warm flow fill me, and I collapse onto the hard table. He gently lays on top of me and kisses the back of my neck.

He whispers, "You are incredible."

"Well, that was a successful meeting." We both laugh.

After straightening ourselves up, I give him my business card and suggest we part ways for the night. Although I could see myself falling asleep with Devin, I know I shouldn't. We'll be in touch again anyway because I'm pretty sure he wants me to help fix the problems his last employee left behind.

When I get to my hotel room, I grab my planner and add to the date:

Number 35 - Georgia.

Exhausted from the four martinis and the euphoric orgasm, I quickly shower, put on my over-sized ACDC tee, and cozy into the hotel bed.

"Yo, biiiiitch!" Gia shouts from her room of the townhouse.

"What up, girlfriend?" I reply while struggling with my luggage coming in the front door.

Gia comes tumbling into the living room, expecting some great news about the meeting. "Well...?"

I set down my luggage and grab a glass of water.

"Oh shit, Nadia. You had sex."

"Wait. What?"

"You're doing that thing where you avoid eye contact with me. Remember, I know you."

Little does Gia know, though, that she doesn't know me as well as she thinks she does. I have one secret that I've kept from her for over eight years, and I plan to keep it that way.

- E.Z. Ryder

Next chapter, cuming, April 9.

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